About Me

I am Aubree and my life is the opposite of glamorous. Occasionally, I'm witty but mostly I am just delusional and can be found talking to myself. I like to wear clothes and think I look good in them, but I seriously suck at it. Where is the course for that?
Speaking of, I am a college student. I am an elementary education major and it's the one thing I am actually ever serious about.
Just kidding, I'm also pretty serious about my religion.
I'm not Mormon.
If you want to know, then ask, I love to talk about it.

What I'm not serious about is politics or weather or health food. Why is it cool now to act like we like that stuff? Isn't it okay to admit you don't LOVE kale? Like, really...let's be honest. Honestly is fun.
Oh right, about me. I suck at this.

When I'm not writing papers well into the night or shopping (don't judge me), I can be found singing with my friends. We have an acapella group (less like Pitch Perfect, more like...well, I'll get back to you.) I love music and I am obsessed with the Beatles.

I'm also a Godmother (despite not being catholic..) to a beautiful half-Haitian baby. That will explain my obsession with baby clothes. 90 percent of her wardrobe comes from me. It's actually really ridiculous. For the sake of her privacy (because I talk about her a lot...it happens) she will be called Baby A.

I also watch Pretty Little Liars and hate myself for it. I'm working on it.
This only made the cut into the about me because it was on the T.V. in the background and I felt like getting it off my chest. Also, Baby A...just, exasperated sigh.

And that tells you about 10 percent about me. If you are dying to know stuff to fill your biography, email me at aubreenoelle24@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey Aubree,

    I found your blog by chance and think it's a great pitty you obviously stopped blogging :( I hope everything's okay with you and you enjoy your life outside of the internet :) Hope to read a new post from you soon again.