Friday, August 31, 2012

Now and Later

As you anticipate those cooler weather months coming up (I can feel em, they are one their way...just taking their time, maybe they got lost?) here is some inspiration to take some amazing style straight through fall AND winter. :) Have a great weekend!
Now and Later

Child's Play.

Happy Firday everyone! When trying to decide what I would post about today I turned to the tried and true, good old pinterest.

Then I had breakfast with this munchkin.

This is J and he is my best friend,
He's 5 and he is awesome.
Anyway, that's when it hit me.
Like this.


Have you just died yet? No? Good. Because here are some of my favorite kiddo pieces out there right now.
Have a great Friday :)
Baby boy

Baby boy by aubelle featuring a striped hat

Baby Girl

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Lessons

These are some things I have learned in the past year or so. Use them however you would like; take them to heart or print this out and burn it...It won't effect me much. ;)

1. You current life will never EVER be the way you thought it would be.
 Picture where you want to be in life 5, no more like 3 years from now. Think about what you'll be doing, who will be with you, what you'll enjoy, where you will be. Now take a moment to realize that almost 100 percent of that will not be true for you. I have learned this hardcore in the past 2 years. People I thought would be by my side are suddenly gone. And for what? You may ask. For various reasons, usually small. They choose something better, something bigger...they change or you change. You'll look back and realize that ever so slowly everything around you is different than you ever thought and it's weird. My conclusion...we will never ever get used to this.
My life is gonna be perfect! Wait.....nevermind.

2. Your mirror and your camera have two totally and completely opposite opinions of just what you look like.
 Seriously, people. Can't everyone agree that we look good in the morning!?! Or something!? What do I even look like!?!?

3. Sometimes you have to do something crazy just because it will make you happy and you need it.
 The other day I left campus on my hour break in between classes and drove to the nearest CVS. Why? JUST TO LOOK AROUND. Seriously, it's bad people. I do the same thing with Target(I did that one the day before) I don't have to buy a thing and usually I don't. I just need to be somewhere looking at cool stuff and don't even begin to tell me that you don't find the weirdest yet most insanely awesome stuff at a's so true. I left CVS with a pack of gum and People Stylewatch and ya know what? I felt better. The moral, I conclude, is that no matter how much gas you waste, or time it takes, or money it requires; no matter the weird looks people give you or the disdain in your voices when you tell have to do the things that make you happy no matter how odd or random they may be. We're all going to spontaneusly combust if we don't people, and then we're just letting the zombies win!

Original by aubelle featuring a red skirt

  You know what makes me happy? Coke. Coca Cola makes me happy, like insanely and severly happy. I used to not tell people this. I used to kill myself trying to stop drinking it. Several times A DAY I get told "don't you know that's bad for you?" "you're killing yourself!" No people....YOU'RE killing yourself, Sometimes life is, REALLY hard and you just need a freakin coke. SO WHAT if I'm the only person who isn't lugging around their expensive stupid water bottle (what up with those anyway?) and wearing their gym clothes, eating granola and/or drinking DIET coke? What the heck? I like to wear cute and sometimes ridiculous clothes and I like to fill my body with caffeine and chocolate until I am dangerously close to going into comatose. Guess what? I'm having a good time. This obviously applies to whatever the heck you guys like. If it's legal and or/ harmless then HAVE A FIELD DAY. I need a coke...

Coke by aubelle featuring graphic tees

Okay...I realize this post went to a more angsty angle than I had originally planned...oops. I'm gonna stop at that.